Burnt out and unmotivated?

YES…But, Choose Joy
In the last few years we have faced a virtual boxing match of life. Income loss, heart attack, depression, loss of loved ones, loss of pregnancy, emergency surgeries, very sick loved ones, hospital bills, lawyer bills, unpayable bills, unmitigated drama, threats to our home, cars, phones, electricity, and friking insufficient funds fees. Stressful jobs with sometimes toxic environments, working more than one or two jobs to combat the above situations. Lack of sleep leading to brain fog. Prescriptions that cost more than a paycheck that don’t get taken because they cant be purchased.
There are nights no one can sleep and we fail to pray together because we don’t want to tell the eachother we are awake.
There is Grace. And Hope. And love.
There are people who listen to the Spirit’s prompting and show up to help.
And we must choose joy.
Do you know why it is called the “Law” of attraction? Because it’s like physics. The universe must react in kind to our energy. It’s designed that way. (And if you dont believe me, “It Is Written”)
So, burnt out? Yes. Brittany 2007? No joke Grief? Without a doubt
But giving up? Nope Losing faith? Not a chance
Succumbing to the mind numbing depression and anxiety and “lack of motivation”?
Try the 5 second rule…(brainchild of Mel Robbins, this is life altering)
5, 4, 3, 2, 1…get UP AND CHOOSE!
Depression and anxiety are not a choice, those are chemical, biological issues. But combating them is. Therapy, meds if you can (unfortunately I can’t), and a million little and big ways that God literally put into motion JUST to help the human psyche.
So. As hard as it is, my friends, choose joy, choose with me to stay alive. Choose to help others do the same.
#choosejoy #selfcare #wellbeing #butGod #preventsuicide #talkitout #loveoneanother

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