Crafts, crap, coffee and cash..

Having this dream of starting and running a business while fighting a million battles seems ludicrous, possibly insane. I had the dream before the chronic illness and the multiple miscarriages. I had the dream before the my bonus daughter was a teenager. I had the dream before I had to work 1 day job and 4 side hustles to stay afloat. So why on earth now? To quote Rachel Hollis (as I do a lot, as well as Brene’ Brown, Mel Robbins, Tony Robbins, JK Rowling, my mother, and of course my favorite, Bible verses) “if not now, when?”. Yes, that is a quote, a small quote, but a meaningful one. Right now, it is 6:22AM and I have been up, without coffee, for 2 hours. I’m not sure how I’m even alive! Ha! More to the point it is 6:22 AM on May 12, 2019 (Happy Mother’s Day!) , and I started this particular blog post on APRIL 7TH!

What?!? You may ask. Why?!? Why are you so slow? What on earth? Don’t you have anything good to share with us? Well, I do, but I also have a serious scatterbrain, a full schedule, and sometimes at the end of the day, I’m not really sure anyone cares about the thoughts of a 40 year old from Fort Wayne, IN.

So that leads me back to “If not now, when?” And the actual topic of my original draft of this post: Lisa ReBorn Designs right NOW. Boy, oh Boy, did I jump in with both feet and no water wings! My little apartment is completely over run with crafts and sewing and my brain is more frazzled all the time. My friend, Kay, and I signed up for our VERY FIRST big crafts show and my nerves are shot. We signed up more than 2 months ago…the show is next week. I do NOT feel prepared at all. I have many many crafts done and many only partly done, we are still trying to figure out surfaces and displays and set up and I just realized we dont have bags and I never finished my logo. My anxiety is sky high, helped greatly by prayer, meditation and CBD oil, all of which I am still learning to regulate. This chaos is on TOP of the bills, doctor visits, normal life things(cooking, cleaning, moody teenager, maybe sometimes even spending time with my love or family, Church)my Perfectly Posh business and oh yeah, the gazillion 20 minute bathroom breaks because my systems are easily effected by stress.

I think my ideas are great. I don’t know if anyone else does, and that drives me to drinking (coffee). I need cash. I have bills to pay and things we all need. I also feel like I need this sort of recognition or validation. That somehow my big, audacious ideas and dreams aren’t so crazy as to never come true. My dreams of building something that yes, has been done before, but never by ME! Another one of the Rachel Hollis “excuses” from her book Girl, Stop Apologizing, is “it’s been done before”. That is a fact! It has, in some way it has, and the people who point that out may even be your loved ones who think they are trying to help you by telling you that your idea is ordinary and you “probably should leave that to the experts”! You (I) have to start somewhere and sometime, so why not now?

So, I craft, and I coffee, use the restroom and repeat. Hopefully next step is the cashflow. I promise not to fill this blog with so many affiliate links and ads that you cant enjoy the content anymore (I’m learning how to add the ones linking to what products I actually used or to a YouTube tutorial or Pinterest pin). I promise to always be as transparent and yet upbeat and positive as possible. If I start more side hustles (got my Door Dash bag in the mail the other day) I will be certain to let you know how that goes. In the meantime, I would love it if you would share my blog or Facebook page and eventually my Shophomemade page so Lisa ReBorn Designs and LivingReBorn can grow!

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