Girl, get out of my faith.

I’ve just read yet another self righteous, overtly pretentious review by a Christian woman of a Rachel Hollis book. This time the book just came out today, Girl, Stop Apologizing. These reviews make me think that the reviewers didnt even read the books they are reviewing…because they are not writing reviews at all, they are taking snippets out of context and then making them look like Rachel is the antichrist and will lead women down a dangerous path of *gasp* BELIEVING IN OURSELVES! Heaven forbid that the downtrodden woman living under the thumb of the patriarchy start realizing that by NOT following the passion GOD PLACED IN OUR HEARTS, we are NOT serving God or others, we are doing the opposite.

I WANT to pick apart these women’s reviews, but not the women. I’m sure the stay at home, pioneer moms think they are just perfect examples of God’s desire for the modern woman, and they never once suffered the shame and guilt that gets instilled in the rest of us by satan himself. They have maybe never been married to someone with severe PTSD who took out all their pain on them and literally made them believe they were worthless. They have never known what it’s like to believe the lies from the pits of hell that I’m not worthy of loving myself, not worthy of having God’s promises in my life fulfilled and that I have nothing to give in the way of life improving grace proving love. They write blog post after blog post about “not conforming to the ways of the world” which IS Biblical, but then acting LIKE the world by bashing Rachel over the head with an oversized King James Bible and begging women everywhere not to listen to her because they might suddenly desire not to care for their children or households and think about nothing but themselves.

Are you kidding me?

When I say “yet another”, I’m referring to similar review of her Book “Girl, Wash Your Face”. I don’t remember if it was by the SAME stay at home mom with a self righteous carrot up her butt, but it felt the same. She misquoted so many parts of the book, Rachel sounded like a mean ol hag that hates fat people and wants you to sell your soul to the devil! I mean, I can do the same thing with the Holy Scriptures in a book review!

My point is that women need to do a much better job of being the women we all need instead of being the women that we’ve been shamed into being, and Rachel Hollis manages to do that for many many women. She wants everyone to know that wanting more out of life and going out to get it isn’t the polar opposite of God’s will, but His desire for us here and now. He wants us to stop crying over what we cannot fix and let Him fix it. He doesnt want us to keep apologizing to the world rather to seek His forgiveness and His love and to go out and share his grace and love with the broken, lonely, lost and abandoned.

So Girl, dry your eyes, pray for wisdom, thank God for Mercy and Grace, dust off the dirt kicked onto your shoulders by jealous unfulfilled souls, and stop apologizing.

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