Gonna KonMari The Crap Outta This!

No, We are not in the 6th Sense. (see photo) I opened every cupboard and drawer to get started. (originally started post on Jan 5th, 2019)

So this method of decluttering says you must:

  1. commit yourself to decluttering all at once
  2. gather ALL Items in ONE PLACE
  3. follow an exact order
  4. discard intensely and completely
  5. store each category together.

You are supposed to started easy with clothing, then books, then papers (ugh) then move on to Komono (miscellaneous) which means all the rest of the crazy crap that fills up our lives and our spaces and our brains. However, I must start a little off today, because I need to go grocery shopping badly, and I am not setting foot in the store until I know I can unload the groceries into a welcoming space.

Now I am writing this in retrospect. Thinking back on that totally insane day and what it really meant to clean out my kitchen like that. It took more than 6 hours to clean out this mess and a month later, I am still finding things that I don’t need to keep anymore, and figuring out what my kitchen really means to my life. I did hold things in my hands and ask if it sparked joy. I literally threw out 5 garbage bags full of actual garbage and gave away 3 large boxes of items. In the end, the gallery below shows what I ended up with after I then went to the grocery store. (there is no picture of the complete kitchen yet, rather how I managed to pare down and organize and reduce countertop clutter to nothing but the food I bring home.

Since then I have applied this same idea all over the house. What I have learned is that it is no joke. If you approach everything in the same old way, trying to just shift things around and organize the clutter, you get the same old results, clutter that only stays organized for a short time. IF you use this approach of deciding what you truly desire to keep in your life, what really brings you a sense of peace, joy, prosperity, you will honestly live with much less and be grateful for much more.

I have found that much of the clutter, even the papers and small broken items, that are stashed all over the place, stay because of a sense of lack. That somehow this stuff will be useful or helpful in the future, or was once expensive or a gift and should be saved. I don’t know any truly rich people who think this way, do you?

We will come back around to this subject in a later blog post. For now, you could do what I did and get on Pinterest and find others who have used this method of decluttering and start your own project!

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