Day One: Mi Vida Loca

It isn’t really that crazy, unless you ask my mom. She asks me what I am doing today, and when I tell her she always says , “I’m exhausted just hearing about it. “

So, why on earth then, would I add starting a blog? Because I want to share with other people as I journey, not just a before and after. I don’t think there is a person out there that doesn’t enjoy a good before and after, or else Chip and Joanna Gains wouldn’t be nearly as popular, shows like “My 600Lb Life” would never get watched, and no one would care what your house looks like after you read about the KonMari Method.

I came up with ReBorn as a name more than a decade ago when I got my certificate in interior decorating. “ReBorn Interiors: Interior Decorating for Everyone” or “the rest of us” as you like. I was so tired of watching the same shows at the time that said “decorating on a budget” and the budget was thousands of dollars. I had nothing. As time has gone on, I ended up divorced and living with my best friend and put ReBorn aside to just try to live and survive.

At one point I realized I wanted ReBorn to be so much more. But I didn’t know what that meant. I listen to Podcasts and watch motivational speakers like Tony Robbins and Rachel Hollis and try to start different “methods” and “routines”, I have books and devotionals and journals and basically junk scattered all over this little apartment that show all the things I have started. Somewhere along the lines, I get to feeling stuck, but I don’t quit. I never give up. That is supposed to be a good thing right???? Not really. Not all giving up, or letting go, is an admission of defeat. Christ said “Into your hands I commit my spirit” Luke 23:46. I never thought about that in such a positive light before today. And I do mean today. I have “tried” giving my worries and my anxiety and my depression to God many many times in my life. I have given the good and the bad, and thought I was giving all of me. But that one little word, “spirit”, I feel like today, encompasses my whole life and what I have invested myself in.

So, on a lighter note. The reason I chose today to start this? Because I have also chosen to start something equally insane: Using the KonMari Method to Declutter My Whole Apartment!!! Only, we aren’t going to follow exactly the order because I NEED to start with step 4, which involves the kitchen, because it is the noisiest and most cluttered area of the house and from my understanding, one of the hardest places to declutter. Also, because I need to go grocery shopping today and I am not putting new food in this mess.

So… Let’s Get Started!!

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